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Western Australia
Therapist Peer Development Groups

What are Peer Development Groups?

Our Western Australia Peer Development groups provide an opportunity for therapists across the state to find like-minded peers and gain support and encouragement in the use of the EFT model. Join a group to meet colleagues face-to-face or online. Come along to hone your EFT therapy skills, to gain support in your preparation for Certification, or for your ongoing development after certification. These groups are a great way to foster new EFT connections and community building.

Run by volunteers, these groups are a safe space where EFT therapists can continue to develop their EFT skills together, at no cost. They are FREE of charge and operate on the generosity of the pool of dedicated volunteer therapists.

Therapists grow together by:

  • Watching and discussing EFT training videos (Master EFT clinician sessions),
  • Sharing client experiences including struggles and triumphs,
  • Working through chapters of EFT texts or reviewing recent articles/research,
  • Supporting each other in their development as EFT therapists.

Western Australia Groups

Our Western Australia EFT Peer Development Groups are run by State Co-Ordinator Aaron Ong. 

Aaron Ong

Group Facilitator: Aaron Ong
Dates: 4th Wednesday of the month
Times: 10.00 - 11.15/11.30 AM AWST
Location: Online (Current)/ Perth (TBA)

Astrid Gerrits

Broome in Kimberley
Group Facilitator: Astrid Gerrits
Dates: TBA
Times: TBA
Location: WA/Online

Regina Ho

Robin Saunders

Online International Special Interest Group
Group Facilitators: Regina Ho & Robin Saunders
Dates: 3rd Friday of the month
Times: 11.00 AM - 12.30 PM AEST
Location: Online
Robin Saunders and Regina Ho wish to provide a space for therapists who work with or have an interest to work with international clients and be a support for one another while developing our EFT skills. Who we are:
Regina was initially introduced to EFT by Liu Ting attending Externship and Core Skills in Beijing and Hong Kong. While doing her doctorate in the States, she did an EFT practicum under live supervision with Jim Furrow. Regina worked with couples in Australia while working toward her EFT Certification under the supervision of Clare Rosoman. Regina currently lives in China working with clients in Brisbane as well as international clients in Beijing.
Robin was initially introduced to EFT in Malaysia, did her externship in Italy with Sue Johnson, and Core Skills with Jenny Fitzgerald in Australia. Robin has lived and practiced EFT with couples in Malaysia, Switzerland, Korea, The Philippines and Australia. Recently returning to Brisbane, Robin supports local and International individuals and couples in several countries.
Open group: We recognise that there may be others like us who have been moving around, joining from overseas, or interested in an international community while based in Australia, or perhaps there is not an EFT community where you are based. There may be some unique experiences which we share. Please join us in supporting each other while developing our EFT skills together.

Sue Jones

Certification Prep
Group Facilitator: Sue Jones
Dates: 3rd Wednesday of the month
Times: 10.00AM AEST
Location: Online

Friday Fireside - The Bus Stop
Join Sue Jones, Lee Beaton, and Margie Ulbrick for spontaneous casual chats online
Dates: Spontaneous
Times: Spontaneous
Location: Online

Gávi Ansara


Honouring Diversity, Examining Privilege, Challenging Oppression
Group Facilitator: Gávi Ansara (He/him) & Phoenix (She/her)
Dates: 2023 dates TBA
Times: 2023 dates TBA
Location: Online

Other Australian Peer Groups

The Peer Development group network was the initiative of our dear colleague Karen Kain. Karen was instrumental in initiating and developing the Peer Development program Australia-wide. The EFT community in Australia mourns the loss of beautiful Karen and pledges to continue her legacy by nurturing and supporting this program that she was so passionate about.